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With over 35 years of experience in the healthcare field, Tecnosan provides public hospitals and private clinics with a wide range of radiation therapy products, cutting-edge softwares and disposable goods.

Our consultants will help you to effectively integrate into your workflow the most innovative solutions for SGRT & Respiratory Gating, Security and Workflow Automation, AI-based Automatic Contouring, Patient Immobilization, Plesiotherapy and Roentgen Therapy and Virtual Simulation. We also offer a range of spacers and fiducial markers, as well as markers and mark-covers.

SGRT and Respiratory Gating

For SGRT (Surface Guided Radiation Therapy) and respiratory gating treatments, we offer a complete solution based on the integration of C-RAD‘s SGRT systems, Sentinel™ and Catalyst+ HD™, which also enable stereotactic treatments.

Catalyst+ PT is dedicated to Proton Therapy, while Catalyst+ HD Ring Gantry brings Catalyst+ HD™’s benefits for patient positioning, real-time motion monitoring and respiratory gating in the ring gantry workflow.

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Security & Workflow Automation

To automate the TSRM workflow, minimizing repetitive time-consuming tasks and increasing patient safety, Tecnosan offers cAutoVerify and cAccessory – the new Workflow Automation solutions developed by C-RAD for patient identity validation and accessory tracking.

cAccessory is also offered as a stand-alone system that integrates seamlessly with the Catalyst software.

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Automatic Contouring & AI

Tecnosan strives to offer the most advanced solutions in radiotherapy. For the automatic segmentation and contouring of simulation images, we collaborate with Finnish company MVision.

MVision’s cloud-based software uses sophisticated deep learning technology to drive its artificial intelligence algorithms towards faster, standardised and reliable segmentation.

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Spacers & Fiducial Markers

For internal organs irradiation, our goal is to provide the most innovative solutions to improve target setup and protect organs at risk.

Gold Anchor MR+ fiducial markers ensure perfect anchorage in the tissue and have exceptional visibility in CT and MR scans. For hypofractionated prostate radiation treatments, the Barrigel spacer is the only one that can be fully moulded in place during implantation.

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Markers & Covers

For patient marking, Tecnosan offers a wide range of skin markers, mark covers, tattoos and accessories.

Beekley Medical has a wide range of simulation adhesive markers and mark-covers in various sizes and materials, while RadSafe‘s pigment is a solution of biocompatible substances certified as medical devices, and therefore safe for use on radiotherapy patients.

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Patient Immobilization

Our goal is to provide immobilization systems that ensure maximum reproducibility.

Patient comfort, precise positioning and ergonomic use are the cornerstones of Canadian manufacturer CDR Systems, which – like us – chooses to work with high quality standards. Their solutions, like the FreedomX™ Total Body Precision Patient Immobilisation System, enable great precision in patient positioning, repositioning and immobilization.

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We are interested in providing innovative solutions in the field of personalized medicine, in order to support oncology radiation therapists, medical physicists, and radiologic technologists in improving the efficiency of therapies.

Neolys offers radiosensitivity tests to tailor radiotherapy treatment to each patient.

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Plesiotherapy & Roentgen Therapy

For Intraoperative radiation therapy (IORT), Plesiotherapy and Roentgen therapy, Tecnosan offers WOmed’s wide range of versatile and robust devices.

Each WOmed unit has an integrated TPS and Record & Verify system, and can also interface with the Hospital Information System via DICOM WorkList and HL7 standard. WOmed units offer safe and stable treatment wich is comfortable for the patient and easy to use for the operator.

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Laser & Virtual Simulation

For virtual simulation, we want high standards of accuracy and efficiency. Tecnosan relies on Belgian company Cyrpa Medical Security, whose precise HIT laser systems allow a faster and more accurate virtual simulation in radiotherapy.

For testing, we also offer daily CT SIM QA phantoms, like the CT/SIM, designed for implementing a broad range of CT/SIM performance analyses.

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