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A complete solution for equipment QA and radiation measurement

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We offer a wide range of ergonomic devices and versatile phantoms for efficient pre-treatment verification, dosimetry and Linac QA. For automated QA, we offer QA software for devices in Radiology, Radiotherapy and Nuclear Medicine.

Tecnosan offers Medical Physics professionals and qualified experts a range of personal dosimeters, spectrometers and radiation detectors for hospital and environmental monitoring.

Beam QA

The safety of treatments rests on the foundations of QA and dosimetry, which is why we have a wide choice of effective and efficient devices.

Standard Imaging’s solutions combine robustness and practicality.

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Quality Assurance in radiotherapy must start from the CT simulation in an efficient, precise and reliable way, and must be able to ensure the entire virtual simulation procedure in an end-to-end manner.

To this end, we have selected phantoms for QA on CT, calibration of Hounsfield units, and to verify the virtual simulation procedure with integrated reporting.

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Exradin detectors

Exradin detectors are appreciated internationally for their precision and for using the best materials.

Standard Imaging has designed detectors of all volumes and types, including Exradin ion chambers, diodes, and two small field scintillators.

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Standard Imaging’s electrometers, characterized by extremely high precision and maximum stability, are reference class.

They are optimal in radiology and radiotherapy.

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QA Software

Effective QA of medical equipment allows you to monitor its performance and optimize imaging protocols.

For quality controls of all devices in Radiotherapy, Nuclear Medicine and Radiology, Tecnosan offers a range of QA software – like the Artiscan software suite. Thanks to the high integration with all modalities, QA procedures become automated and results are archived in a single database.

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Standard Imaging has a well chamber dedicated to the QA of brachytherapy sources.

Developed to test HDR and LDR brachytherapy sources, the HDR 1000 Plus well chamber is compatible with all vendors and the main sources in use at your center.

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Dosimeters & Spectrometers

Tecnosan has selected a range of dosimeters and spectrometers for X, alpha, beta and gamma radiations by Polimaster – a leading global manufacturer of radiation detection equipment, that can be used by radiation safety specialists, health physicist, high-risk workers, and the general public.

The small-size personal dosimeters are able to continuously monitor environmental radiation and alert the user if the preset thresholds are exceeded.

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