Code of Conduct

Ethical. Responsible. Sustainable.

Ethical Principles

Since its foundation in 1985, Tecnosan has always acted with integrity and accountability.

In order to protect patient safety, offer continuous innovation and fully meet our customers’ expectations, we choose and promote responsible behaviours in full compliance with applicable law.

Our actions are guided by the principles of quality, respect, transparency and fairness.

Our stakeholders

Our Code of Conduct reflects our core values: we expect all individuals and companies who act on behalf of Tecnosan to know and accept our principles and to behave accordingly in every situation.

We work closely with Healthcare Professionals in strict observance of rules and regulations. Where permitted by applicable law, we foster the growth of scientific knowledge by providing economical support to events and conferences.

Environmental Sustainability

Tecnosan aims to offer products and services that live up to the highest standard in terms of environmental and safety performance.

We promote sustainable use of natural resources. We are committed to continually reducing the environmental impact of our operations and we purchase clean energy, consisting in hydroelectric power from local providers that safeguard water and aquatic fauna.