Tecnosan calendar for 2017 is packed with interesting events and meetings.
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First of all, we are proudly sponsoring six events in the AIFM educational program.

  • Corso “base” di Fisica Medica in Medicina Nucleare
    Milano, April 27-28
  • Imaging quantitativo in risonanza magnetica: modelli, applicazioni, garanzia di qualità
    Firenze, May 18-20
  • Tecniche 4D e Adaptive Radiation Therapy
    Verona, June 12-13
  • Cone beam CT in Radiodiagnostica e Radioterapia
    Venezia, October 13
  • International Day of Medical Physics – Simposio: il futuro della Fisica Medica
    Pistoia, November 7-8
  • Big-data, Radiomics & Artificial Intelligence
    Reggio Emilia, December 15-16

Later in the year, we will take part in the AIRO Congress, organized by Italian Association for Radiation Oncology.

  • XXVII Congresso AIRO
    Rimini, November 11-14

We will also partecipate to ESTRO 36 and 59th ASTRO to keep continuously up to date with new medical technology. These annual meetings are respectively organized by European Society for Radiation Oncology and American Society for Radiation Oncology.

  • ESTRO 36
    Wien, May 5-9 2017
  • 59th ASTRO Annual Meeting
    San Diego, September 24-27

We hope to meet you at the meetings. And, if you see the Tecnosan booth, stop and say Hi!