Keosys is a French company, leader in developing storage and viewer software for Nuclear Medicine Imaging.

Keosys’ smart and versatile solutions for Nuclear Medicine include a viewer and a burning software.

Keosys’ viewer is an intuitive, powerful and versatile viewer for Nuclear Medicine exams, which is installed directly on the CD/DVD patient. Once the CD/DVD is inserted into the computer, the viewer, with an autorun, allows to view the images and the data of the exam, using RAM without installing any software on the computer’s HD.

Keosys developed a burning software, that is installed on the Nuclear Medicine workstation. This provides a complete integration for burning and printing automatically with the robot. It burns CD/DVD with the desired exam and with the viewer tool, and it prints customized labels on the CD/DVD. Burning software can burn CD/DVD patient or multipatient, according to the clinical or archiving needs of the Hospital.

Tecnosan has already received the first order for the burning software. The installation has been performed in December 2013 at the Nuclear Medicine Department of the New Hospital Papa Giovanni XXIII in Bergamo, Italy.

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