It is with great pleasure for us to inform you that Tecnosan will attend the symposium organized from AMPEQ, the National Professional Association of Italian Qualified Experts in Radiological Protection. The event will be held at CNR, the National Research Center in Bologna (Italy), on 27-28 September 2012.

The planning of Magnetic Resonance (MR) imaging facilities continues to offer challenging opportunities for creativity and courage. Siting practice is changing rapidly as MR systems evolve and as more understanding and experience are accumulated. Some relatively recent siting decisions have been overly costly or have produced unnecessary inconvenience in patient management. A growing consensus is developing, however, on the ranges of practical solutions to the many requirements of MR site planning, with magnetic field containment and RF shielding being foremost among these.

Experts Qualified are professional for measuring ionizing radiation and evaluation of the radiological consequences since the definition of technical requirements for issuing, involved in the management of nuclear and radiological emergencies.