The new class of small (pocket-size) pager-style gamma and gamma-neutron spectroscopic personal radiation detectors combines the functionality of radiation detectors (detection and localization of radiation sources and primary radionuclide identification) and dosimeters (measurement of dose rate and count rate).

The distinctive feature of this class of devices is the autonomous primary radionuclide identification of radioactive sources that does not require a connection to a remote unit (smartphone/PC/laptop/PDA, etc.), even in the presence of shields, containers or other forms of physical protection of radiation sources that have a weakening and scattering influence. Identification results appear on a bright, easily read color LCD display. The results show not only designations of identified radionuclides, but also classes to which they relate in accordance with the recommendations of the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA) – naturally occurring radiation materials (NORM), medical isotopes, industrial sources or special nuclear materials (SNM).

The instruments also have a built-in dictaphone to record comments to the measured spectra. All РМ1704 models have a USB interface for communication with a smartphone, PC, laptop, PDA, etc. User software is automatically downloaded from the non-volatile memory of the device when it is connected.

РМ1704 instruments are available in three modifications:

  • РМ1704 (basic model), with a built-in scintillation CsI(Tl) detector, which searches for gamma radiation sources, accumulates gamma-spectra and identifies radioactive sources
  • PM1704M additionally to the basic model has a built-in G-M tube, which expands the dose rate measurement range to 10 Sv/h (1000 R/h)
  • PM1704GN additionally to the basic model has a scintillation Li6I(Eu) detector for the search and detection of neutron radiation sources.