Tecnosan is proud to sponsor the one day course organized
by AMPEQ, the National Professional Association of Italian Qualified Experts in Radiological Protection. The event will be held at CNR, the National Research Center in Bologna (Italy), on 29th November 2011.

The great emphasis on the international consequences of the Fukushima disaster has confirmed the importance that the public attaches to environmental protection and health protection of the population in case of releases of radioactive material that spread over large distances or cause contamination of goods and commodities that can reach even distant countries.

Experts Qualified are professional for measuring ionizing radiation and evaluation of the radiological consequences since the definition of technical requirements for issuing, involved in the management of nuclear and radiological emergencies.

Purpose of the one day course is therefore to make known to the government the great help that the Experts Qualified to provide, in cases of widespread contamination of serious cross-border incidents or events limited in space, sometimes not immediately determinable, as in the case transport of radioactive material, the recovery of orphan sources, etc.

The program is available in pdf here.