It is with great pleasure for us to inform you that Tecnosan will attend the course Methods and operational aspects of HTA in the assessment of the High Technology to be held at Centro Congressi Villa Cagnola Gazzada (Varese, ITALY), June 6-8 2011.

Health Technology Assessment (HTA) is a multi-disciplinary field of policy analysis that examines the medical, economic, social and ethical implications of the incremental value, diffusion and use of a medical technology in health care.

It is intended to provide a bridge between the world of research and the world of decision-making. Health technology assessment is an active field internationally and has seen continued growth fostered by the need to support management, clinical, and policy decisions. It has also been advanced by the evolution of evaluative methods in the social and applied sciences, including clinical epidemiology and health economics. Health policy decisions are becoming increasingly important as the opportunity costs from making wrong decisions continue to grow.

The interest of the medical physicist is primarily intended for medical equipment with particular reference to high technology and its developments, which is a working tool for everyday. It should also be said that in order to be a valuable partner in all decision-making bodies, the figure of the medical physicist is good to have a clear view of the processes underlying the HTA.

This course is therefore intended to draw a road in the systematization of knowledge in this area, with particular attention to strictly make effective operational decision support and methodologies to be used for the evaluation of diagnostic technologies and therapeutic features.