Tecnosan invites you to visit ESTRO Anniversary Congress, the European conference which highlights the progress in radiation oncology. The event will take place in London,
8-12 May 2011.

Tecnosan will be there to present Fratoria DICOM RT Studio, an independent solution for viewing and evaluation of radiotherapy plans, together with all relevant DICOM 3 and DICOM RT data.

The foremost ESTRO event of 2011 will be the ESTRO Anniversary Congress that will take place at the Excel Centre in London, UK, from 8 to 12 May 2011. It will be the opportunity to foster together Radiation Oncology at the forefront of the fight against cancer.

For this special event, ESTRO bring together their two major conferences: The 11th Biennial ESTRO Conference in Physics and Radiation Technology for Clinical Radiotherapy, and the GEC-ESTRO-ISIORT Europe Conference.

Furthermore, on this occasion, ESTRO introduces a new conference: the ESTRO International Oncology Forum. The unique concept surrounding this highly educational conference is built around the state-of-the-art in radiation oncology for major tumour sites.

Please note that registration to any of the three individual events gives you access to the whole congress.

Save the date and join the ESTRO Anniversary Congress in London to celebrate 3 decades of Innovation and Cancer Care!