A customer support designed to meet your needs.

Tecnosan consultants and engineers provide our clients with a complete customer support.


Working in conjunction with our key partners, we are able to meet the complex needs of contemporary health facilities.

Our specialized team will guide you through the digital transition of hospital services and help your department go paperless. We focus on improving the workflow in the Oncology Radiotherapy departments and Radiology units and achieving and efficient organization.

Our team can also provide you normative and legal advice, in order to offer a complete consultancy.

Technical support

Our Customer Support Service can promptly provide technical assistance for any kind of problems.

Our engineers are highly specialised and regularly take part in training and refresher courses held by industry leaders in healthcare technology.

Tecnosan offers a complete Support Program that includes:

  • monitoring the functionality of installed systems
  • preventative maintenance and emergency maintenance
  • adaptive and evolving maintenance.

Our maintenance work, designed to meet the needs of the customer, includes a complete range of activities, from remote assistance to on-site intervention.