Smart solutions to assist you along the workflow.

With over 30 years of experience in healthcare field, Tecnosan provides public hospitals and private clinics with a wide range of radiation therapy products, cutting-edge softwares and disposable goods.

Our consultants will support you and help you to effectively integrate the solutions for respiratory gating, patient positioning, stereotactic treatments, adaptive radiotherapy, virtual simulation and patient recognition into your workflow.

Adaptive Radiotherapy

Tecnosan meets tomorrow’s challenges of Radiotherapy in conjunction with the German brand iRT Systems.

For verification of online adaptive radiotherapy, Tecnosan offers the IQM System, a true innovation that combines advanced technical functionality with ultimate quality. IQM allows real-time verification of the beam, comparing every segment with the expected outcome.

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Respiratory Gating

Concerning respiration study and respiratory gating, Tecnosan proposes you a complete solution based on two integrated optical tracking systems: Sentinel™ and Catalyst™ by C-RAD. Specifically for stereotactic treatments, we offer special configuration Catalyst™ HD for patient tracking and tumor tracking.

For verification of gated studies we propose you dose.point’s phantom smartIMRT 4D.

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Patient Positioning

Tecnosan has chosen high-end positioning solutions by the Canadian company CDR Systems.

Focused on patient comfort and ergonomics for healthcare professionals, CDR Systems offers multiple cutting-edge solutions for accurate patient positioning.

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Since Stereotactic treatments have special needs, Tecnosan proposes a multi-techological approch to face SBRT & SRS in the most advanced way.

Optical tracking system Catalyst HD by C-RAD integrates with Freedom by CDR Systems for a complete control of the patient, while IQM by iRT Systems monitors in real-time the beam delivered by the Linac and MAX-HD phantom verifies the whole end-to-end procedure.

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Virtual Simulation

For a precise patient marking, Tecnosan proposes HIT by Cyrpa Medical Security, an advanced double-diode mobile laser system for virtual simulation and for treatment room.

To verify the whole virtual simulation procedure, we propose you CT/SIM Check, a QA phantom by IMT – Integrated Medical Technologies.

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Patient Recognition

Tecnosan offers the solutions by XECAN, leading provider of smart clinic solutions through patient tracking and verification.

XECAN solutions focus on improving clinic workflow, patient and treatment safety, and overall quality of patient care.

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Markers and Covers

For patient marking, Tecnosan offers a wide range of skin markers, mark covers, tattoos and accessories.

Beekley Medical provides skin markers and mark-covers in various sizes and materials.

RadSafe pigments for medical tattoos are designed to mark RT reference points: the pigments are medical devices and therefore are safe for use on patients.

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