About us

Specialised in healthcare technologies. Since 1985.


With 30-year-long experience, Tecnosan offers advanced healthcare technology for radiotherapy, medical physics and x-therapy.

The company was founded in 1985 by physicist Giorgio Dell’Orsola to provide innovative medical products and services. Since then, Tecnosan has been growing steadily and is now a benchmark for healthcare technology in Italy.

Quality is our core value: we search for the smartest technology and products and choose the most reliable suppliers in order to improve wellbeing and safety for both patients and professionals.

Tecnosan operates across the whole Italian territory with important international brands, as distributor or within an agency agreement.

We are able to meet the complex needs of healthcare facilities and offer a wide range of cutting-edge solutions.

Our team provides a complete and skilled service, from the first consultation to personalized post-sale assistance.

Our specialists and engineers are highly qualified: we invest energy and time in professional training to keep our staff up to date.

We are committed to behaving responsibly towards people, society and the environment and act upon ethical principles of quality, transparency and respect.

30-year-long experience

Founded more that 30 years ago, Tecnosan has developed a strong expertise in the field of healthcare and Information Technology.

Certified Quality

ISO 9001 Quality Management Certification states our commitment to customer satisfaction and continuous quality improvement.

Customer care service

We provide skilled assistance and support to our customers via telephone, remote support and on-site maintenance.

Qualified consultants

Our team is highly specialised and we regularly take part in training and refresher courses held by leaders in healthcare technology.

What we offer


Our high-quality choice offers you systems for adaptive RT, respiratory gating, patient positioning, stereotaxis and virtual simulation that will easily integrate in your workflow and smoothen it. We can support you along the whole radiation therapy process: from simulation to treatment, from QA to storage.

Medical Physics

We select top-level suppliers in order to provide you the most reliable QA phantoms and dosimetry devices. In addition, we offer a wide range of personal dosimeters and spectrometers for radiation protection and environmental monitoring.

Nuclear Medicine

We propose smart solutions and softwares to view, post-process and store 3D and multimodality imaging. In order to measure dose and contamination, we provide a range of spectrometers, detectors and dosimeters.

Our brands